Poppy Dharsono was born in a small town called Garut, from West Java, Indonesia, on the 8th of July 1951.

After high school, Poppy went to study at the Academy of Cinematography Jakarta Institute of Arts (LPKJ) in 1971-1973, followed by 3 years (1974-1977) at the Ecole Superieur de Technique de la Mode (ESMOD). Later, she studied modelling at the Mag Institute Paris (1975) and Photography at Aries Southern France (1976). Poppy finished her intellectual pursuance by taking Courses on Management and Accounting at the Institute of Management University of Indonesia Jakarta in 1981.

She started her career as photo and fashion model in 1970 and carried on with this until 1978. In those years, she also became a movie actress, appeared on screen in Pengantin Remaja (Teen Bride) 1971, Matinja Seorang Bidadari (The death of an Angel) 1973, and Yang Muda Yang Bercinta (Young, Loving) 1977.

Since 1975, as the founder and fashion designer of the brand carrying her name “Poppy Dharsono”, she has for decades been tirelessly redefining the Indonesian heritage as a fashion designer, by taking various elements of the ethnic clothes, blending them with the sophistication and the modernism of the Parisian fashion technique and used the new style as theme in her creations.

In her work, Poppy Dharsono has highlighted the Indonesian culture also by incorporating traditional fabrics as batik, songket, lurik and ikat, which are the legacies of the Indonesian ancestors but keeping always a balance between western and eastern as well as feminine and masculine influences.

Her expertise in designing clothes made her name immediately soar to become a top famous designer, her services being widely used by Indonesian celebrities and high-ranking state officials.

Poppy is also known as the founder of Indonesia Fashion Week that started in 2015 and has become one of the largest fashion weeks in the country.


Her collections have been presented in countless local fashion shows such as: IFW 2016-2019, MNC Miss World 2013, Modest Fashion Week 2018, Jakarta Food Festival 2014, Digital Fashion Week 2018, Peranakan Tionghoa September 2014 and 2018, Miss India Indonesia September 2015, Gala Dinner France Maret 2016, MNC December 2017, Makassar Fashion Week 2017.


Since 1977 has routinely organized international fashion shows featuring traditional Indonesian materials in Germany (Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin), United States (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco), Singapore , Belgium (Bruseels), France (Paris), Canada (Montreal), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Roterdam), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka), Sweden (Stockholm), Czechoslovakia (Prague), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Bangladesh (dhaka) , Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), China (Beijing).


Poppy's goal is to set an example and support the younger generation to position the Indonesian fashion industry at a higher level in quality, innovation and creativity in order to reach at a competitive place with the fashion industries of other countries. 

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